UX design | Gamification

To research the design area I worked according to an interaction design process and methods. The methods I used to develop my concept was literature studies, observations, interviews, questionnaires, created personas, held a focus group, sketching, hi-fi prototyping and user tests. The user tests were held with different people with variating knowledge about Malmö and its tourist attractions. 


Workshop and user testing. 


The interactive prototype.

bachelor thesis

the process

the problem

the solution

For my bachelor thesis in interaction design, I researched how a digital tour guide can be created, using game elements. 

When deciding I wanted to work with this subject, I had a long professional experience in the train business, and interacting with Swedish tourists on a daily basis. I noticed that the repeated questions was where to find the tourist information, what to see in Malmö or asking for a map of the city. The difficult answer to these questions was that the official tourist information shut down in 2017, leaving tourist to find information about the city on their own. 

The final concept ended up being a mobile application where tourists gets a guided tour of Malmö through looking for famous buildings or monuments in the city centre with the help of picture clues and a GPS map. The Interactive prototype was made in Justinmind.