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cybercom intranet

the problem

In 2017 I was hired as a UX designer for a project at Cybercom Group in Malmö. The task was to create a foundation for a redesign of the Cybercom intranet. The problem with the intranet was that it was too cluttered and, according to employees at Cybercom, difficult to find the right information and often ended in not using the intranet if not necessary.

the solution

The solution to this problem was a restructuring of the menu bar and dividing it into different categories, and according to a workshop I held, a more simpler way. I also created different wireframes (pictures shown to the right), based on user research material. Rearranging and designing the structure of what employees would like to see at the home page. Such as the company news, the users frequently used links, event calendar and the Cymbercom instagram. The goal for this solution is more adapted to the specific employee. Showing sites and links that are often being used by them, showing specific content useful for the employees profession. The news, instagram and the event calendar was, according to the user research, 

the process

During this project I worked in a team that was developing and the Cymbercom intranet. I was the only designer in the team and I got towork according to an interaction design process. I conducted user research, created wireframes, mid-fi prototypes, user tests, and participated in and held workshop about simplifying and reorganize the content of the whole content of the intranet.

Pictures are showing wireframes in two different stages. 


Wireframe stage 1


Wireframe stage 2