Service Design

echo telefon 2.png
echo telefon.png

As the final project for the course Service Design, I worked together with a few classmates on a project called Echo points.
The purpose of this course was to design a sustainable service for Malmö city's Innovation challenge "Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living". 
We therefore proceeded with creating a model for implementing a "local currency" for a neighborhood in Malmö. Echo is a local currency that uses points that you can earn through making climate smart choices in your neighborhood, and then you use these points to trade for services or products. You can use and access your "points" though your smartphone, the Echo points website and though your house tags. 

Echo Points was later picked up by one of the finalists in the innovation challenge called "Bring your plant" and was implemented it into their final concept for the competition. 

Other students involved: Freyja Björnsdottir, Anton Blomster, Jesper Andersson, Hans Lindberg. 

echo points


As a continuation from the project Echo points, I got  do some further illustration work for a project called "Bring your plant". "Bring your plant" is a project that was competing in the Malmö city challenge "Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living".

To make our two concepts work together, Echo points and Bring your plant,  they wanted to have the same types of illustrations through all of the work, and I was glad to help out. I was assigned to create a map over the different types of social interactions in their concept.