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Sending a notification of interest in a collaboration


the problem

For my second year master thesis at Malmö University I worked together with a team from Afry. The work I did aimed to facilitate a transition from an Industrial park into an Eco-park using industrial symbiosis strategy, in the industrial harbor of Malmö. A collaboration where physical exchanges of energy, waste, materials and other by-products between different facilities takes place. Which is a somewhat unexplored area in Sweden. Before this project, the team within Afry discovered the potential for such an Eco-park in Malmö, and also found an interest in collaborating in such a park when speaking to companies based in Malmö.

the solution

Through working with Malmö City and other big companies and facilities in Malmö, the team from Afry concluded that in order to promote industrial symbiosis in the area of the industrial harbor in Malmö, a public digital platform is needed.

My continued work from this conclusion therefore ended in a digital platform that is easy accessible from a computer or a smartphone. User research showed that a platform would not need to create matches between companies and their waste materials, but rather create knowledge and a possibility for connection between companies. Therefore, the platform focuses on connecting companies and for companies to present what by-products or waste material they have that could be useful in a collaboration for Industrial symbiosis.

Pictures of the prototype shown to the left. 

the process

For this project I worked with topics such as transition design, organizational collaboration, industrial symbiosis strategy and knowledge sharing.  Design methodology from both Interaction design and Service design was used during this thesis project. Such as user researching, customer journey mapping and prototyping.

Overview of companies and contact information within the area