Game Design | Critical Design



Concept video

the problem

This project was made during a course in the master programme in Interaction design at Malmö University. The challenge was to create a game that would provoke critical thinking.

the solution

Plantropocene that was made for the course Play and ludic interaction in the Interaction design master programme. It is a board game about surviving climate crisis as a plant. 


3-4 players can play the game, and you either win or lose together. In the game, you become a plant that has certain strengths and weaknesses, and you help each other to survive throughout the whole game. You do this by using action cards, drawing resources and managing them, getting baby plants and getting rid of pollution. 


The game evolves in 12 rounds, each player has a turn in each round. These rounds are divided by seasons, which have a base rule of how many resources you can draw on each of them. During the game, you also draw event cards that can have both good and bad events for the plants. They can take away valuable resources, block your abilities or even make you change character, but there are also good events that can give you more resources and help you through the season. 

Watch the concept video to know more!

the process

The methods used during this project was: mind mapping and brainstorming, benchmarking, sketching, play testing, evaluation and iteration, designing.

Other team members involved: Yenika Castillo Muñoz,

Chang Cai and Marureen Troel-Madec.