Game Design


tim and the forest


the problem

This project was made during a course in the Interaction design bachelor programme. The challenge was to create a video game without using the standard controllers to play. Such as a keyboard or a mouse. 

the solution

Tim and the forest is a computer game with multiple endings, where you as the player control the main character, Tim, using your voice. 
Depending on if you scream to Tim, or if you talk calmly to him, you will change his mood, and he will make different choices depending on his current mood. If he's angry he'll act out of rage, if he's calm he'll do something friendly. It's up to the player to try to control him! Or not...

the process

Methods used during this project: brainstorming, lo-fi prototyping with pen and paper, hi-fi prototyping in Unity, and play testing. 


Other team members involved: Lorenz Frithiofson, Joel Hagenblad, Manne Westermark, Laura Stenmark.

Video walkthrough